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Social Media hilariously reacts to Jacquees claiming to be the “King of R&B”



Photo: @Jacquees Instagram


R&B singer Jacquees got Twitter all riled up yesterday after posting a video saying that he’s the King of R&B.



As you can see from the video, fellow R&B singers such as Tank, J Holiday, Eric Bellinger, Usher, and Tyrese didn’t take too kindly to Jacquees announcing to the world that he’s the King of R&B.


J. Holiday had the funniest reaction. While trying to check Jacquees, a woman in the background asked him, “are you valet?”


He tried to clap back and say, “not with a Gucci jacket on.”




Twitter was on fire yesterday, and if you follow me at CeeSoDope, you would’ve seen my reaction to Jacquees making such a claim:



I mean let’s be honest, Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Usher, and Bobby Brown ain’t dead yet. Don’t get me wrong, Jacquees can sing, but he mainly remixes everyone else’s song, so how Sway?


This leads me to my question. Who is the King of R&B?


Well, I grew up on Chris Brown, so in my opinion, he’s the King of R&B at least in my generation. Despite his personal life as well, the man has consistent hits and great performances to match.


Honorable mentions include:

Luther Vandross
Brian McKnight
Musiq Soulchild
Bobby Brown


I feel like each generation has their king and it’s no doubt that the 90s had the most R&B bops back to back.


You be the judge.


Check out the most hilarious social media reactions to Jacquees claiming to be the King of R&B.





















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