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Eight Throwback Looks for the B2K Millennium Tour



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In the early 2000s, B2K was the boy band that every girl loved. I remember my collection of posters of the group when Word Up! Magazine was the hottest teen mag out. On April 5, fans will get to see B2K join forces for the first time in over a decade at State Farm Arena. The “Bump, Bump, Bump” group consisting of members Omarion, Raz B, J-Boog, and Lil Fizz will be joined with the likes of Pretty Ricky, Chingy, Ying Yang Twins, Mario, and Lloyd to perform live for the Millennium Tour.


B2K rose to the forefront of the music game in 2002 with their self-titled project and Pandemonium!. Their careers went to new heights after showcasing dance moves and acting skills in the You Got Served movie and laying their vocals on the film’s soundtrack consisting of hits like “Take It To The Floor” and “Do That Thing” featuring Lil Kim.


Everyone had their favorite in the group; Fizz and Omarion being my top two. As fans prepare to order tickets to see some of the hottest groups of the early to mid-2000s, CeeSoDope has a dope list of throwback fashion pieces to wear to the concert.


From FUBU, Baby Phat, and Rocawear, the Millennium Tour is a time to bring out some of the most memorable fashion brands and trends from the early-mid 2000s.


1) Sweatbands, Trucker Hats, or Scarves

For the fellas and the ladies, scarves, trucker hats, and sweatbands is the ultimate throwback for the Millenium Tour. You can see rappers like Nelly rocking the sweatband in the early 2000s on his head and wrists. The sports accessory transcended into the hip-hop style back in the day. Often, you would catch B2K in scarves and trucker hats for photo shoots and red carpet appearances. The trucker hat was a fashion staple during that decade. As for the ladies, J.Lo and Beyoncé rocked scarves as hair accessories and women had multiple colors of scarves to match their outfits.


2) Name Brand Sweatsuits and Jumpsuits

There’s nothing that screams the 2000s more than jumpsuits and sweatsuits from clothing brands like Baby Phat, Sean John, Juicy Couture, FUBU, Rocawear, and many more. Fellas can pair their sweatband or scarf with their fit and ladies put on your favorite Baby Phat or Juicy Couture jumpsuit or sweatsuit with sneakers or a pair of heels. These were some of the top brands in the early 2000s, and all the fly ladies and fellas had at least one of the name brands in their closet.


3) Tall-tees

If you grew up in the A in the early to mid-2000s then you know tall-tees was the wave back then. From D4L, Fabo, Dem Franchize Boyz, East Side Boyz, everybody and they momma knew someone wearing a tall-tee. You can buy them at Walmart or even your local clothing store that sells airbrush hats and clothes. The tall-tee is simple and could be paired with jeans and a different color tall-tee underneath for an added flair. Often, the tall-tee was bigger than the person wearing them, but it’s one of the most recognizable clothing pieces of the early to mid-2000s.


4) Throwback Jersey

If you aren’t into the tall-tee look, maybe a throwback jersey of your favorite sports team is the way to go for a nostalgic feel. Back in the day, paired with a plain t-shirt underneath, you couldn’t go wrong with a jersey. Rappers and athletes were known for the jersey look. For the B2K concert, pair that with some nice jeans, a hat, a fresh pair of kicks, and, BOOM, you have a dope fit to wear to the festivities.


5) Jersey Dresses

While the fellas step out in their throwback jersey fits, the tight jersey dress is what the ladies were rocking going out in the early 2000s. I remember having a pink glitter jersey dress. For the B2K concert, pair your jersey dress with some fresh sneakers, and you’ll have one of the most throwbacks looks from the early 2000s.


6) Low-rise Jeans

Inspired by the hip hugger style jeans from the 1970s, low-rise jeans in the early 2000s were a staple piece, and almost every girl who wanted to show her waist and expose her lower tummy area wore these jeans. From Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, J.Lo, and Christina Aguilera, the jeans are for the ladies who want to show some skin to the Millenium Tour. Pair with a cute bandana top, some nice kicks, and frosty lip gloss.


7) Baggy Jeans or Shorts

Baggy jeans back in the day were a staple for men. Being from the A, your look didn’t seem to add up if you were wearing a tall-tee with skinny jeans, which was not the case. In the early to mid-2000s, everything was too big, even the jeans. It looked as though baggy jeans and shorts were swallowing the men who were wearing them. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop them from rocking the loose look. The Millenium Tour would be the perfect place to wear oversized trousers. Check out Walmart, Amazon, and heck; if you’re in Atlanta, South DeKalb Mall is a good place to shop for a pair of baggy jeans or shorts.


8) Nike Air Force One Shoes

Last, but not least, the classic all-white Nike Air Force One shoes is the final throwback staple look for the B2K concert. There’s no way that you could go wrong with the Nike Air Force One shoes. The all-white pair will go well with jeans, jersey dresses, jumpsuits, and sweatsuits. If you get the sneakers dirty though, it’s a wrap; you will have to buy a new pair to wear with your throwback fit. However, nothing screams the early to mid-2000s like the all-white, Nike Air Force One shoes. Ask Nelly!

That’s all CeeSoDope readers! Have fun at the Millennium Tour in your most fly throwback fit.


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