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Flashback Friday: Snoop Dogg rare interview



Photo: Very Smart Brothas – The Root


What’s his name? Snoop Doggy, Dogg (Dogg)! That’s right CeeSoDope readers; I’m back for another Flashback Friday with everyone’s favorite uncle, Snoop Dogg. The MC stepped on the hip-hop scene in 1992 appearing on Dr.Dre’s debut solo album, The Chronic. On November 23, 1993, Snoop released his debut solo album Doggystyle on Death Row and Interscope Records. For this FBF, Snoop appears on Russell Simmons One World Music Beat produced by award-winning producer and filmmaker Keith O’Derek.


The exclusive feature story illustrates Snoop’s early stages in the rap game and transitioning from Death Row to No Limit Records. Shortly after the death of Tupac in 1996, Snoop wanted to make peace with Death Row’s rival, Bad Boy Records owned by P.Diddy. This didn’t sit too well with Suge Knight, the CEO of Death Row so much to the point that Knight tried to end Snoop’s life. Master P came to the Long Beach native’s aid, which led to the “Ice Cream Man” negotiating his release from Death Row. The interview takes place while Snoop is on the movie set of Whiteboyz as he discusses his connection with Master P.


Check it out below:



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