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Flashback Friday: Ice Cube talks about his feud with Oprah Winfrey on “Conversations with Michael Eisner”



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In 2008, rap icon and actor Ice Cube sat down with Michael Eisner to discuss his success, business ventures, and his music video “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It.” The video illustrated the parallels between hip-hop and social events. Cube also discussed rap music being the blame for everything wrong with society as well as touching on television host Don Imus calling two African-American women ballplayers “nappy-headed ho’s,” the Virginia Tech shooting, and Michael Vick’s dog fighting incident.



“Last year with Don Imus and the Virginia Tech shooting, and even Michael Vick and the dog fighting, there was this swirl in the media that gangsta rap is the root of all evil, almost,” Cube told the former CEO of Disney. “I started thinking about how ironic that is. Gangsta rap was invented in 1985, but if you were around in 1984, you know how crazy it was in the world. So how could gangsta rap be the cause of all these global problems?”


Cube then spoke about the “issue” between him and legendary journalist Oprah Winfrey. Cube was not invited to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” the previous year to celebrate the documentary series “Black. White.,” in which the California native was the executive producer. Cube accused Winfrey of not inviting him to show because of his persona in rap music, something that Winfrey has advocated against. However, Cube let it be known that he wasn’t concerned with Winfrey’s disdain for him.


“I’m fine with that, you know, I’ve gotten this far without Oprah. I’m not worried about it. It would have been nice to show that my company did bring that show to America, with a little help from people like R.J. Cutler. But, you know, it is what it is,” he said.



Cube isn’t the only MC that has gone toe to toe with Winfrey over the years. It appeared that ATL legend Ludacris also wasn’t on good terms with Winfrey when he appeared on her show on October 6, 2005, with castmates to help garner promotion for their film Crash. Winfrey singled Ludacris out and chastised him for using the words “bitches” and “ho’s” in his rhymes, which had nothing to do with the film.


Ludacris also noted that the chastisement continued even after the show went off the air. He accused Winfrey of editing out his rebuttals and comments and leaving her own unedited. “Of course, it’s her show, but we were doing a show on racial discrimination, and she gave me a hard time as a rapper when I came on there as an actor,” he said in an interview with GQ. “It was like being at someone’s house who doesn’t want you there.”


Other rappers that have criticized Winfrey for not supporting hip-hop include 50 Cent and Killer Mike. Winfrey later told MTV while attending a birthday party for Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid that “I’m not opposed to rap. I’m opposed to being marginalized as a woman.”


Source: Mental Floss


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